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Managed IT Services


Reliable Outsourced IT Support for your San Diego Business

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LANSolutions and Endsight joined forces in December 2021.  Learn more here.

Does your Business struggle with IT Headaches like:

  • It takes too long resolve tech issues
  • It feels like you're calling your Help desk with the same problem over and over
  • You're not getting the proactive advice you think you need
  • You don't know if you're secure
  • Unexpected IT costs keep coming up
  • Generally, it just feels like you've outgrown your current approach

Put an END to those Headaches once and for all

Endsight's clients don’t accept  bad IT headaches. Instead, they expect their technology to perform and they count on us to deliver a predictable result that consistently meets their expectations.


Clients expect reliable IT support


Customer satisfaction rating


Help desk response time

Don't be held back by IT Headaches anymore.  Get a free consultation today!

What our customers are saying


“The single best decision we made was to switch to Endsight because when the fire came, we were able to seamlessly continue on in our operations.”


John Schwartz | Sam Clar Office

Support ticket customer feedback:


Here’s how our service delivery works:


IT Strategy and long-term planning

  • Assigned strategy team
  • Regularly scheduled strategy meetings
  • Proactive advice & guidance

Project services & field engineering

  • Routine technology upgrades
  • Moves, adds, or changes to the network

Preventative maintenance and proactive monitoring

  • Automation & self healing technology
  • Security by design
  • Root cause analysis and once and for all solutions

Reactive IT support
(remote & onsite)

  • Assigned team lead and reactive support team
  • 5 minutes or less response times
  • Onsite support as requested
  • 50 minutes average issue resolution time


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